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Phone:    (818) 512-7923

Address: PO Box 6913 Thousand Oaks CA, 91359


Due to the COVID-19 mandate Dr. Barber is conducting all sessions remotely through Zoom, Facetime, or Phone. Dr. Barber has flexible hours for appointments, daytime and early evening. She is not available for weekend appointments unless it is an emergency. The first meeting is the time to determine if you feel comfortable and wish to continue. If so, there will be some standard forms to fill out and a regular time for meeting will be established. This time is available to you only and will not be filled by another client. Therefore, it is important to be as timely and regular as possible; cancellations must be made 24 hrs. in advance. The allotted time for individual appointments is 45 - 60 minutes. For couples, it may be longer depending upon the issues involved. Dr. Barber sees couples together for the first time and then schedules an individual appointment with each partner, separately, before continuing the couple therapy.

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