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Specialties and Services



Couple / Marital 

Dr. Barber has completed advanced training in couple therapy with the leading researchers and couple therapists in the field. She uses an attachment approach from the work of Susan Johnson, understanding that any disruption in a primary love relationship causes physical and psychological distress across all areas of life. Emotional bonds and cycles in couples are explored and restructured, all within a safe and collaborative environment. Dr. Barber also uses the extensive marital research done by the Gottman Institute to inform her approach with couples: working to build a “sound marital house” and offering practical ways for partners to manage conflict, distancing and other problem areas. She believes that couples benefit most when each one is committed to the process and willing to invest in weekly sessions. In couple therapy, the couple is the client and energy is focused on alleviating distress, building intimacy while honoring individual differences and creating new relational possibilities.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between therapist and client so personality fit is important. Dr. Barber works compassionately with each individual to assess comfort level and build trust. She has worked with adult clients of all ages and many areas of diversity, including gender, sexual orientation, cultural, religious and social/economic. Her approach is psychodynamic with an emphasis on attachment meaning that she focuses on processes of change and development using a client’s past and present relationships and family experiences. She also uses cognitive behavioral interventions for certain disorders such as anxiety and depression and other evidence-based approaches where proven helpful. Above all, she works to validate and empower her clients, providing a respectful, questioning attitude and potential options for understanding behavior and making desired changes. Areas of individual specialty include:


Depression, Life Transitions,  Loss/Bereavement,  Anxiety,

Parenting,  Social Skills Building, Trauma, Illness, Caregiver Support, Addiction,  Relationships, Stress Management.

Christian / Spiritual

Dr. Barber welcomes clients of all beliefs. She believes that a spiritual perspective contributes to client strength and well-being, giving meaning and purpose to life. She strives to understand client belief systems and how it informs their world-view, in order to appropriately integrate this into the treatment approach. She is especially equipped to assist Christian clients and has received additional training in this area. She uses mindfulness, meditation, prayer, acceptance and forgiveness modalities in this treatment modality but is sensitive to client response and level of spiritual functioning. Clients who desire this kind of approach to treatment may discuss their needs either at or prior to the first appointment.

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