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Dr. Deborah Barber

    Welcome to my website! You’re probably here to find some help for something that is extremely troubling to you. It may also be confusing to know where to locate a qualified therapist, someone you can trust to walk with you during this difficult period. I hope that this site can provide some answers to you about who I am and how I work. However, there is no substitute for personal contact. I am available by phone to answer any further questions that you may have.

     I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in helping people find their way, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Because I believe that life experience counts in doing this work, I will share that I have children and a marriage of over thirty years. I don’t presume to know what you’re struggling with but I begin with every client to develop the trusting relationship that underlies every successful therapeutic journey. From there, we assess the scope of the problem, your needs and desires and develop an individual or couple treatment plan. I will provide practical feedback throughout our time together.

     Help is available. We all need help for challenging circumstances, no matter how competent we may appear. It may be difficult to admit. However, the hardest thing is usually making that first call; most clients feel relief when this has been done. I am sensitive to this process which is why I spend time building relationship and trust with each person. I use an attachment frame which identifies how you emotionally attach to others as well as building personal psychological resilience amidst the ongoing stressors of life. I may ask about past family issues or relationships, along with present circumstances, or even how much you exercise on a weekly basis. I integrate body and mind for a holistic approach to change. My clients trust me to be respectful, caring and continually focused on their well-being. Therapy is an investment in optimal health and wellness. It is a process of healing change, letting go of what no longer works and identifying what can and does. I feel privileged to help my clients develop a sense of greater self-awareness, confidence and strength. The end result of successful therapy is becoming truly alive and fully open to new life possibilities.



Deborah Barber, Ph.D

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